Sathu Shri Arul Guruji’ s wonderful satsangh amidst the divine beauty of Shri Swami Narayanan temple, Akshardham, New Delhi. 

Guruji and his students had a wonderful opportunity visiting Akshardham temple in New Delhi. Akshardham means the divine abode of God. We all were mesmerized by the sheer beauty and magnificent architecture of the temple. The experience of the divine sight and the beautiful carvings made us to think, even now humans have wonderful skills to create such monumental accomplishments. 

After being inside the temple and experienced its richness we all came to temple’s first floor and sat around Guruji. Students started to exchange their experience with Guruji. One of the student asked Guruji he was happy to see such a beautiful creation that took so much of efforts and cost. He then asked I came to know about Swami Narayanan only after coming to Akshardham and why he was not known to many. 

Guruji responded to the question saying in every era and generations Gurus are born in this world to guide people. Their sole purpose is to shed light amongst people and not required to become popular. A Guru will guide their followers to get enlightened. It’s not important if the Guru is known to the whole world but it’s important that to follow a living guru, to meet the purpose of our life.  

What is Yogam? Yogam means understanding who am I.

Follow a living Guru’s instructions with utmost discipline. Each Guru is like entrance to know yourself and almighty. You can go through any entrance but don’t confused by following many methods. Living Guru’s in their lifetime enlighten about 10 or more of his disciples. The disciplesin turn should do the rest for their Gurus respectively.

Temples are places created to give an opportunity to see, experience, think and understand our true self. Our ancestors, Saints, Gurus who experienced the divine force will find ways and create opportunity for their disciples to realize the divine force within them. 

If you mention sugar tastes sweet will the person listening to you experience its sweetness? You have to consume the sugar to experience its sweetness. Likewise, you can experience God only when you try to see the God in yourself and cannot be explained to you. 

Water will start to come out from a small pinhole of a dam. As the water continues to seep out its path the size of the pin-hole increases in course of time.This increases the flow of water& it’s is a continuous process. The force of water only created the hole.  The water will gush out from the dam with great force once it reaches a stage of its threshold. Divine force is same like the force of water that seep out from within. The divine force within us will increase in course of time until it’s continuous. 

To experience God there is no need to try out so many methods known and available, but it’s important to start with a small step. Japanese follow a principle called Kaizen, which literally translates to continuous improvement. You see someone who has achieved great heights in spirituality. If you try to reach the person from down below, you will stumble and fall in your attempt to reach him. It’s a gradual process of going up one step after another to reach the person who has achieved in spirituality. 

Once Ramana Maharishi smiled at his devotee and acknowledged his devotee when he discovered his ego. His devotee found difficult to understand theoretically but throughmeditation and continuous practice the same person discovered what Bagavan Ramana Maharishi told.

To achieve greater heights in spirituality one has to know the methods of taking care of his physical body, mind and the soul. You can experience god quickly when your body, mind and soul becomes clean. Guruji explained what to clean and how to clean the three different bodies.

Physical Body: Diligently to follow the five cleaning techniques “Pancha Suthi”. Practicing this technique regularly improve the endocrine glands and brains function. There has to be a determined effort in practicing this technique every day. 

 Mind: Saranagathi Prathnai & Soul meditation (Athma Dyanam) will cleanses the mind. 

 Soul: Doing good deed / KARMA is the only option to strengthen the soul. More the good deeds / KARMA we do, soul becomes stronger. 

In order to become successful in the spiritual journey we need to take care of our three bodies, i.e., Body, Mind and Soul with determination & commitment.  

The process of experiencing God is as simple and quick, like a doctor taps the tip of the injection bottle. You need to give the right pressure and tap at the right place of the injection bottle to break right and to take out the medicine from within.  

Only regular practice will take one to attain the desired result. 

Try small things and attempt one at a time, like waking up 30 minutes early, eat one meal which is a natural uncooked food, everyday light a lamp and do prayers and Atham dyanam. Don’t attempt herculean task and leave it just like that.

All the best dear Students I bless you all.


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