Being in India is a Blessing

You have already been blessed by the divine, since you have born in India. India is not physical landscape and mountains. It is the soul of the Earth. The people in other parts of Earth only work for food, shelter and recreation, but the people of India spend their time for wisdom and liberation. They explored life beyond. The traditional science of India is based on Meditation. I have done a vast research of Indian tradition and I have my own experience in my siddha gurukulam, where I have been trained in the traditional knowledge. It has made the astonished and still I feel surprise, how could our people have penetrated into the human science as deep still modern science cannot understand. The science of yoga, natural food, varma kalai, aurvedic and siddha medicines and knowledge on astrology and space science. Every Indian must understand the divinity of Indian Traditional Science and has to spend time to learn it in the right place and use them for their health, happiness and prosperity. Stop taking tablets for your health issues, learn traditional ideas for health. APJ YOGA Foundation is conducting regular program about Nature Cure on every month last Sunday. It is open to all. Everyone can participate and learn our traditional science.

Friday Resolution

“For my Benefit I will follow our Traditional Nature Cure for My health Issues”

Right place, right person, right practice is the right decision. Keep moving, you are blessed. Namaste & Blessings. Guruji Arul 30.1.2015

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