Friday Letter

Wish you a happy and Prosperous New Year. Happiness, prosperity, health, wealth, wisdom and all blessings to you APJns. This year is going to be a wonderful year for you by the divine blessings. You are going to really grow in all dimensions of life.

As a token of love and care I am going to write letters to the APJns and your friends. Sharing my words of prayer to you.

I am sure this Friday letter will somehow influence a change in your mind, word and deed. And you will get a steady grow in life.

Friday Resolution

I will never say or insist anything to anyone which I am not following.

I will only insist the thing which I do.

I will be a role model to my generation.

My life is my message.

“My life is my Message” – Mahatma Gandhiji.

It is our moral value to insist only what we follow or what we do. Advice is a easy thing to give for free. But showing them by living is a real task a leader should posses.

Every mother and father is a leader for their family (children) and you are the part of the society.

Many times we are vexed of many people. “Why do they do like this not follow what I say”

Stop and ask one question to yourself “Am I doing what I say?”  

If you feel yes, then go further. Or start to do what you want to say to other.

Many of the hidden stress in human beings occur because of expectation.

Small attitude change can give you a big result and peace in life

                                                    Namaste & Blessings

                                                     Guruji Arul. (2.1.15)



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