Happiness – The Goal of man

Namaste …With a great day and bright future, may the divine’s grace fall on you.

For the man who is ready for transformation even a single line of words are enough like the dry cotton fires with even a small spark.


I know this Friday letters will make a difference in many people’s life like a spark to people’s mind.

Happiness – The Goal of man

 One needs to learn the knack of happy mind.

Happiness is the real medicine. When you are happy the chemicals in the body get changed. Energy around you gets a new fragrance.


But mostly people forget happiness, they are very serious, they take their own reasons to be unhappy.


It may be their financial problems or it may be their personal relationship or it may be the social problems.

There is a secret for happiness, the secret is train yourself to be happy.

Mind needs training

You train your mind to drink coffee, to read newspaper, to talk, to cook, to work but you do not train your mind to be happy.

Happiness is a natural flow of blissful life. But now it is the time that you need to train your mind to be happy. For no reason you can be happy. When you want reasons to be happy, happiness is not possible.

You are alive is the first reason for you to be happy.

Everything happens in our life is the will of God. Why you do not accept it? Be happy with what he has given to you.

Why to beg  for better things, as the God has given only the best of everything to us.

Happiness is the energy. It makes you energetic. It is the key of success. Happy people are Godly people, the whole divine vibration lies in them.

They are the messenger of God carrying the message of God.

Friday Resolution

“I know my God is with me always and

my life moves with his will and

I know I have to be happy in moving towards his will.

I will be happy.

My first aim of life is to practice happiness.”


When you want to be happy, find the happy people and joy minded people and be with them. Have some distance from people who live life seriously and make everything serious.

Seriousness is sin. Happiness is divine. Sincerity is enough.

Be happy for no reason. Life is short, make it sweet.


With Blessings.

Guruji Arul


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