What has to be done That has to be done

What has to be done That has to be done Let his divine grace fall on us. Last month is not this month, yesterday is not today. Day by day everything is changing in life. Have you watched yourself; Mankind is often search of pleasure. We want to do what gives pleasure and comfortable. Good things need not be comfortable. Eating bitter guard is not pleasure, but it is good for health. Waking up at 5am is not pleasure, but it gives energy to your life. Man wants to increase pleasure and avoid pain. Attitude of doing things for pleasure and avoiding pain is childish. Reading about exercise and meditation can be pleasurable but practicing can be painful but only than health and growth can happen. Reading word of wisdom of masters may be pleasurable, but being in presence of a master can be painful, only than transformation is possible. Preparing for exams may be painful but it is the secret of good marks. If you avoid pain and uneasiness, Growth and success is not possible. Stop thinking what gives pleasure and pain. Do whatever has to be done. Do not bother about pain or pleasure. If you need health, Exercise is mandatory. If you need wealth, work is mandatory. If you need spiritual growth, being with a master is mandatory. If you want good relationship, sacrifice is mandatory. All growth needs practice. Just reading and knowing things creates mental burden and you live life of knower and not the life of known.

Friday Resolution
"Take the action step, sit and write what you want in your life and start moving towards it. "

Write your purpose of life. Attend programs that enlightens you. Namaste and Blessings.

Guruji Arul 23.1.15

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