Made up of pure sea salt, organic turmeric and herbs.

Removes 70% of the insecticides and pesticides present in vegetables and greens


🌱 Keep your vegetables clean and fresh with our Vegetable Cleaning Salt! 🥦🥕🍅

✨ Our Vegetable Cleaning Salt is specifically formulated to effectively remove dirt, pesticides, and harmful chemicals from your fresh produce, ensuring that you and your family are eating the cleanest and healthiest vegetables.

🌿 Made from natural ingredients, our cleaning salt is gentle yet powerful. Its unique composition helps to remove residue and impurities, leaving your vegetables squeaky clean and ready to be enjoyed.

💧 Simply fill a bowl with water, add a pinch of our Vegetable Cleaning Salt, and soak your vegetables for a few minutes. The salt will work its magic, lifting away any dirt or contaminants. Rinse your vegetables thoroughly with water afterwards to remove any remaining salt residue, and voila! You have fresh and clean produce that’s ready to be cooked or eaten raw.

✅ Here’s why our Vegetable Cleaning Salt is a must-have for every kitchen:

🌱 Easy to use: Just a pinch of salt is all you need to clean your vegetables effectively.

🌿 Safe and natural: Our cleaning salt contains no harsh chemicals or artificial additives, making it safe to use on all types of vegetables.

💧 Removes dirt and pesticides:

Weight 500 g
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